Discover Read-Along Books for Kids

Read-along books allow kids to follow along with the text of a book while hearing it read aloud by a professional reader. Not only are these books engaging and entertaining, they also provide a fun and easy way to help kids build their reading comprehension and sight-reading vocabulary.

San Mateo County Libraries offers several read-along book options, including:

Vox Books

Vox Books are physical copies of books with a built-in audio reader inside the front cover. Kids can have the book read aloud to them simply by pressing the play button. Discover available Vox books online in our catalog, or ask the staff at your local library to see which ones are on the shelf.

TumbleBook Library

TumbleBook Library is a digital collection of eBooks that includes lightly animated Story Books, read-along books for kids of all ages, eBooks, graphic novels, videos, puzzles and games. It's available to use on our computer as well as on a tablet or mobile device, using the free TumbleBook Library app. It also includes books in other languages (for Spanish speakers or learners, check out TumbleBook Library (en Español). Tumblebook requires a library card beginning with 29041, 29731 or 29735.

Libby by Overdrive

Libby offers a large collection of digital read-along books, which can be accessed on a tablet or mobile device with the free app, or on their website which is known as Overdrive. Find a list of read-alongs or search for "Read-aloud."  


Hoopla offers a large collection of read-along books on both their website and the free Hoopla app, which can be downloaded onto a tablet or bobile device. See a list of available titles or search for "read-along." Hoopla requires a library card beginning with 29041, 29044, 29045, 29047, 29731 or 29735.