De-stress and Dive Into a Good Book With Our Online Resources

Wintertime brings with it a flurry of activities. Between kids being home from school, holidays to celebrate, a change in daylight hours and a new date to write, we’re expected to keep track of a lot.

A couple of our favorite online resources can support you through this busy season.

Axis 360

Axis 360 is our eBook and eAudiobook platform dedicated to San Mateo County Libraries patrons. If you’ve ever been on a long hold list for that national bestseller on Libby, check to see if that same book is available on our Axis 360 platform. Because Axis 360 is available locally to San Mateo County Libraries patrons only, you will not be competing with city library holds. The resource allows you to read eBooks or listen to Audiobooks through your web browser or your mobile device (iOS, Android, Kindle Fire). If you’re feeling unsure about how to use the online resource, check out our Niche Academy Tutorial on Axis 360. With it, you can take your library with you wherever you go! 


These can be stressful times keeping up with what’s happening in news on top of everything in our own daily lives. San Mateo County Libraries has partnered with Calm, a mindfulness and meditation app and online service. Whether you want to destress with a 10-minute meditation or follow a meditation series over several days, the app has you covered. In addition to these mindfulness and meditation courses, there is an excellent selection of sleep stories and sleep music. Learn more about all that’s offered through Calm.