Cooking with Fall Vegetables

Fall is officially here! It’s getting darker a little earlier, there’s crispness in the morning air and pumpkin spice is everywhere. Pears have replaced peaches in the produce section and a whole new range of vegetables are appearing at grocery stores and farmers markets. While fall vegetables may not be as fun and exotic as their friends in spring and summer, they pack a solid nutritional punch and make everything feel a little more festive as the season gets going.  

San Mateo County Libraries has plenty of resources to explore to give you a little inspiration and help you discover new recipes to try. We have wonderful eBook options and online subscriptions to a variety of cooking magazines through Flipster and PressReader. The real gem, and a great excuse to visit your local library, is our cooking section brimming with cookbooks for all appetites.

I was leafing through some of our cookbooks recently to find some inspiration for my own fall cooking. The Complete Autumn & Winter Cookbook includes recipes like Sweet Potato and Peanut Soup or Swiss Chard and Butternut Squash Stew for warming weeknight meals or beautiful roasts with accompanying root vegetables for a lovely weekend supper. Greenfeast also focuses on the chillier seasons dishing up simple recipes named for their key ingredients like Parsnips, Shallots, Goat Cheese or Beet, Blood Orange, Watercress.

If you're looking for some showstopping recipes to give a real spark to these humble vegetables you can't go wrong with Six Seasons featuring recipes like Roasted Beet, Citrus and Olive Salad and Burnt Carrots with Honey and Almonds that are simply stunning. Another adventurous cookbook reveling in vegetables as comfort food is Family by Hetty McKinnon, it has exciting recipes like Five Spice Cauliflower Steaks with Mushroom XO Sauce or Roasted Delicata Squash with Chickpeas and Turmeric that are sure to please.

Whatever your preference, you're sure to find something perfect for any occasion. Maybe even some stunning sides for your holiday table. We hope these great cookbooks help get you started. What will you be cooking this fall?