Be the One: September Is Suicide Prevention Month

September is Suicide Prevention Month (SPM), which includes National Suicide Prevention Week (September 8-14) and World Suicide Prevention Day (September 10). SPM aims to empower everyone in the community to prevent suicide. This year, San Mateo County Libraries and Peninsula Library System partnered with the San Mateo County Health Behavioral Health and Recovery Services (BHRS…
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Wild for Watermelon

Summer might be ending soon, but that is no reason to stop eating one of the most delicious fruits (or is it a vegetable) out there. Did you know that National Watermelon Day was this past Saturday, August 3rd? Seems like the perfect time to learn about this much-liked summer treat. Although most people think…
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Great Scott!

I love, love, LOVE Scottish bands. The Other James Kirk It's always terribly exciting to find a new song by an artist you love. It happened to me this past weekend when I was browsing Freegal, SMCL's downloadable music service. It was a song by an obscure Scottish group called Port Sulphur. As I was…
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