Wild for Watermelon

Summer might be ending soon, but that is no reason to stop eating one of the most delicious fruits (or is it a vegetable) out there. Did you know that National Watermelon Day was this past Saturday, August 3rd? Seems like the perfect time to learn about this much-liked summer treat. Although most people think…
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Great Scott!

I love, love, LOVE Scottish bands. The Other James Kirk It's always terribly exciting to find a new song by an artist you love. It happened to me this past weekend when I was browsing Freegal, SMCL's downloadable music service. It was a song by an obscure Scottish group called Port Sulphur. As I was…
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A Giraffe Obsession

World Giraffe Day is celebrated on the longest day of the year: Friday, June 21, 2019. Giraffe Love Sometimes I'll arrive at the library and there's a little present on my desk from coworkers. A giraffe t-shirt, a giraffe notepad, the newest giraffe book, a mini giraffe Lego kit... Once there was even a large…
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