Superfest International Disability Film Festival at the Library

Since its debut in 1970, the Superfest International Disability Film Festival has become an eagerly anticipated event. The festival celebrates cutting-edge cinema that portrays disability through a diverse, complex, unabashed, and engaging lens. Join us for the Superfest Showcase, a selection of short films that have been featured by the Superfest Disability Film Festival, followed…
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The Teen Titans

Do you know the Teen Titans? If you're a Millennial then you probably remember the 2003 Teen Titans animated series. Modern kids will know the current Teen Titans Go! animated series. And now there's a new live action Titans series coming soon. But before they were TV stars the Teen Titans were comic book heroes…
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Review: Good Time

For some people, it’s a bit hard to become invested in movies or TV shows with unrelatable or unlikeable characters, more so when those characters commit heinous crimes. The characters can only murder so many times before the audience starts to question whether their investment in the character is justified. Walter White, Tony Soprano, Don…
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